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Nixon is my bitch!

Yay, there's a community dedicated to the greatness that is Nixon! Unfortunately, due to history classes that all seem to end at the 1950's time period, I know almost nothing about Nixon and his administration.
:( But that doesn't stop him from being awesome!

I have a great (hah, yeah right) story about Nixon. In my AP US History class, we're preparing for the AP test that I think takes place next week. As part of our preparation, our teacher gave us a sample multiple-choice test to do. We haven't read the last three chapters in the book (one of which deals with NIXON!), so there were a few questions that none of us knew. However, the day before we took the test, I decided to skim the last three chapters, in case we didn't get around to covering them in class. So there were a few questions that I knew that the rest of the class didn't.

The next day, we went over the answers in class.

Mr. Roeder: "Vietnamization" of the Vietnam War took place under the administration of which President?
Class: Uhhhh...
Mr. Roeder: The correct answer is Nixon.
Class: Damn it! how was I supposed to know that?
Me: YES! I got it right! I rock!

Then my friend Steve was like "How did you know the question on Nixon?" My answer was, "Nixon is my bitch!"

Yeah, I know. Great story. [/sarcasm]

I <3 Nixon!
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